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LDSearch.com is a long distance agency and telecommunications audit firm. We resell first & second tier long distance carrier services. That is all we do and we have been doing it since 1992. We operate under a master agreement to resell these services. We can offer lower rates due to a volume discount that has been negotiated. We buy at a lower rate, mark it up a little and pass these savings on to you. Our customers depend on us to help them make sound decisions in their choice of carrier products and services. We are focused on the business market. Our customers know they don't have the time to search for the best solutions for their needs. They come to us for our expertise. We are a Washington headquartered company with strong working relationships with leading long distance, local, and private line carriers which allows us to help you find more affordable programs and promotions to keep you ahead of budget.

Why LDSearch? (Long Distance Search)

Because we search for the best telecom companies on today's market, we compare their plans/prices and if they are good enough we include them in our Best Rates Search Engine. Then we help you or/and your company select, implement and support appropriate telecommunications solutions. We focus on your company's goals and business needs to develop sound, affordable telecommunications services recommendations. When you choose LDSearch.com as your telecom partner/advisor, you can be assured that your telecommunications services will produce results for your business.

For great savings on your international calling, we offer many great savings programs that cannot be beat! You shouldn't be paying for actors, giving out names, or waiting for week-ends to save. You should be getting the same low price 24 hours everyday ! If not, it's time for a change. Please check back often as we add discounted savings programs as we find them. We have been serving the USA since 1992 and marketing on the internet since 1995. (in net years that is an eternity)

Why so many different plans?

Not one long distance company can be all things to all consumers, which is the reason we represent a number of companies. All services listed on this site utilize the most modern technology available. This insures quality and the clarity of all your telephone connections anywhere you or your company may be calling in the world. This is something which is lacking of other services offered on the net. Our long distance plans flat rate pricing guarantees the same low rates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, that will save you money!

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