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Looking for a way to bypass your current long distance carrier? Or simply looking for good international rates without having to switch LD Companies? The solution are Dial Around services! If you do not want to switch your service for any reason, this will be a perfect opportunity for you - long distance that does not require switching lines. By simply dialing a toll free access code, you can make long distance calls and save over 50%!

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Tel3 Advantage is a prepaid long distance service that offers incredibly low rates to all countries and superior quality of service. You can obtain access numbers instantly, recharge automatically, track call charges in real time via online Account Management and have access to professional customer service 24 hours a day.

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PowerDial 6.4 cents/min dial-around service with 6-second billing and 24-hour customer service...

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Kallcents offers the inexpensive alternative to your long distance

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Direct dial long distance with super low USA and International rates!

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