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What is Slamming and how to prevent it?

Slamming is when you phone lines are switched to another carrier without your permission. It is illegal to slam. To test your lines for which carrier services each specific line, dial 1 700 555 4141. This will tell you, for that one specific line you called from, who the carrier is. You must repeat this for each line. Once you are sure you have the carrier, then call your local Bell company and ask for a "PIC freeze." The PIC (Primary Interexchange Code) is the 5 digit code the local Bell attaches to each call you make so they know who to bill. For instance, Sprint’s code is 1010333, WilTel’s code is 1010555. By placing a "PIC freeze" on the line, the PIC code can not be changed without VERBAL authorization from the user! Also, you can add a password to prevent an agent from calling and saying it is you.

From our Telecommunications Glossary:

PIC - Primary Interexchange Carrier. The IEC that 1+ calls are routed to. Specified by ANI.

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