long distance services

Some interesting facts and figures

  • Total Telephone subscriber base reaches 509 Million
  • Wireless subscription reaches 473.7 Million
  • Wireline subscription declines to 37.8 Million
  • 14.98 Million new additions in Wireless
  • Wireline subscription declines by 0.02 Million
  • Overall Tele-density reaches 43.70
  • Broadband subscription is 7.41 million

The number of telephone subscribers in India increased to 509.03 Million at the
end of September-09 from 494.07 Million in August-2009, thereby registering a
growth rate of 3.03%. With this, the overall Tele-density in India reaches
43.50. The set target of 500 million telephones by the end of 2010 has
been achieved by September 2009.

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