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How Safe Is Your Cell Phone?

People from all ages are now using cell phones in their daily lives. Cell phones can now perform many of the same functions as a computer. Therefore, criminals are starting to find ways to hack into a cell phone, just as they would a computer. You can now talk, text message, compose and receive e-mail, get on Facebook, or even access your financial records. While cell phones are amazing technological devices, they can also be vulnerable to criminals.

Sensitive Information on Your Cell Phones

When purchasing items or services on the internet, using your cell phone, it may require entering personal information such as credit cards or bank account numbers. This puts your financial information in danger of being stolen or downloaded. A criminal can hack into your cell phone to get your sensitive information.

What Happens if You Are Hacked?

You might decide to pay your bills or check your bank account using your cell phone. Your cell phone is very vulnerable to criminals who would love to get their hands on your personal information. The good news is that many banks and credit card companies will cover all losses that occur because of fraud.

How Much Information Can a Hacker Get?

In addition, many people store much of their personal information on their cell phone. A hacker can get your name, address, bank account numbers, credit card numbers, or even your social security number if you have stored it into your cell phone. This could ultimately cause a huge problem for you if your personal information is stolen.

What's the Danger?

If a criminal gains access to your personal information, it can really damage your finances. They could drain your bank account or use your credit card to make purchases. If they somehow managed to get your social security number, you could possibly be the victim of identity theft. If you feel your personal information was compromised, then you need to first contact your cell phone provider and get them to stop your services.

How to Stop Cell Phone Hacking

There are several things that you can do to protect yourself from cell phone hacking. Make sure that your phone is locked and password protected. In addition, when you are not using your Bluetooth wireless connection, disable it. You can also download anti-virus software to protect your cell phone from criminals. Find out if software is available for your type of cell phone and get it. You need to update it regularly. Don't accept files and text messages from people that you do not know. Do not open files that look suspicious. It could be a potential virus.

Hacking into a cell phone has really become a problem. Some cell phone providers are still selling cell phones that are vulnerable to hacking. In time, people will learn how to safely use a cell phone so they will not be so susceptible to cell phone hacking.

by Cheryl Johnson

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