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9 Telecommunications Safety Tips

Using telecommunications is a simple and convenient way to stay connected to people that matter most to you. Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind when using telecommunications…

  1. Good manners do matter. Always be polite. The other person may not be able to see you, but they can still form a first impression of you by how you speak to them.
  2. Take careful messages. Have something to write with and paper near your telephone.
  3. Never give out information over the telephone such as your name, home address, or school name without first checking with your parent/guardian. If they are not available, just take a message.
  4. Do not arrange to meet with anyone over the telephone you do not know. If someone tries to arrange a meeting with you, hang-up and tell a parent/ guardian or other adult you trust right away.
  5. Do not tell anyone that you are alone or that an adult is not in the house. Just say that you will take a message.
  6. Use 911 in emergency situations ONLY! Always report life threatening situations such as fire, someone breaking in your home, heart attacks, etc. 911 is meant to help people that really need help. False alarms take firefighters and police away from people who really do need assistance.
  7. Crank calls are harmful to other people. Don’t make them!
  8. Hang up on telephone calls that make you feel uncomfortable or are scary. And then...tell a parent/guardian or other trusted adult right away!
  9. The telephone is a pretty safe device to use. However, there are times when the telecommunications company recommends that you should never use it such as in the bath tub, shower, swimming pool, and during an electrical storm. You risk getting an electrical shock. Also, if there is a gas leak, report the leak right away BUT use the telephone away from the leak because the equipment could ignite a spark and cause a fire or explosion.

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