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5 Cell Phone Savings Tips

Understanding these 5 cell phone savings tips will allow you to pocket a significant amount of cash during the year. Not all cell phone companies are equal and not all cell phone plans are equal. So pay attention and beware of what you are signing, before you sign.

1. Update your calling plan
Cell phone companies are constantly deleting old and adding new calling plans. Review your cell companies’ list of current plans at least every six months, so you will always carry the least expensive plan.

2. Use free long-distance
Free long distance is offered at different times with different companies. Some have free long distance after 7pm and others after 9pm, and still others all weekend long. Pay attention to your free long distance hours so you won't call long distance during peak hours. If you have a lot of family and friends who live out of your city, you can consider turning your phone off until your free long distance time starts.

3. Use network-to-network calling
Some long distance companies offer free long distance calling if you call someone who has your same long distance service provider. Ask your friends and family who their service providers are, and consider switching if you can get free network-to-network calling.

4. Update your area when you travel
Ask you long distance company if they have a code you can dial to synchronize your calling to a new area when you change cities. This will avoid roam charges.

5. Research and compare companies before signing
There are a lot of long distance plans and a lot of long distance companies. Some companies have a high number of dropped calls while others rarely drop calls. Compare contract time lengths. Read contracts thoroughly and ask many questions before signing. Thoroughly evaluate your cell phone plan during the trial period. Ask your friends and family members about their overall experience with their cell phone provider before you decide to sign up with a company.

by Lois Center-Shabazz


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